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How to eject a disk properly on OS X

How to eject a disk properly on OS X

Come On, Admit it… You’ve just pulled out that Thumb Drive before? I have… 🙂

Yes I have done this before and every now and then when I’m just exhausted or trying to multitask and I’ll do it again I’m sure.

I really do try my best not to do this and I always show my clients the correct way as well.

There are several different ways to eject your disk but my go to is just right click on the icon on your desktop and then left click on eject. 😉

So far in 2016 I have not pulled out that Thumb Drive without ejecting it first. Yippee! 🙂

Nick Mediati a freelance writer for Macworld wrote a nice simple but yet great article with pictures to help you on how to eject your disk properly.



Facebook Fans Beware of “Be Like Bill” Apps, Websites…

Facebook Fans Beware of “Be Like Bill” Apps, Websites…

Everyone wants to apparently be like Bill…

I do have a great friend who’s name is Bill and I have to say he’s stinking awesome and I bet you have a friend or family member that’s name is Bill, but in the Facebook world please don’t be like Bill…

It’s really sad that we have to be so careful in the Facebook world but lets face it, We Do! I know we just wanna have fun! And these Apps are fun but with a cost…

I wish Facebook would put together their own Cyber Team to stop Bad Apps and shut them down… Maybe they do? Hmmmm? Do You Facebook? That would be so cool!

Online Threat Alerts has again written a great article on Be Like Bill…


Oh No! My PayPal account has been locked!

Oh No! My PayPal account has been locked!

If you EVER receive this email with a link Please DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK! Stop Drop and Think! 🙂

If you are a link clicker within your email you should really stop or your going to have a ton of Malware or Viruses on your computer…

If I ever get an email like this and I know it might pertain to me, I just log into my account via website and check my account that way.

If you ever are tired or just not thinking up to par and click on the link you should immediately log into your account through the website and change your password and also let the company know by forwarding the email you received to them. eBay, PayPal, Skype, Banks all of these companies have email addresses you can forward these nasty emails too so they can shut them down…

Here is a great article from Online Threat Alerts…


Type Amen to help Children Adults or Animals? Really?

Type Amen to help Children Adults or Animals? Really?

This Scam gets my blood boiling so much I don’t have to exercise for a week!

Are you quick to type Amen on a sad photo of someone your friend shared on Facebook? If you are start pumping your brakes a bit and take a quick peek of the originator of that post.

In a lot of cases it’s someone that just wants to sell your profile info to those people that send you gobs of spam emails…

If your a believer you have to know that God will not punish you or give you 7 years of bad luck or better yet won’t bless you if you don’t type Amen or share it to 7 friends. Please show me what scripture says that?

Online Threat Alerts wrote an outstanding article on this subject giving some great examples that I have seen and almost fell pray typing Amen too as well…


Tired of those Telemarketer or Crazy Friend Daily Calls or Text Messages?

Tired of those Telemarketer or Crazy Friend Daily Calls or Text Messages?

There is light at the end of the tunnel…

I don’t know about you but I seem to be getting more and more calls from telemarketers and the “Please Remove Me from your call List” just doesn’t work to well these days.

macworld.com gives a great step by step on how to put a stop to this once and for all… Ok maybe just slow them down a bit so your not so annoyed by these calls or text’s.