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Type Amen to help Children Adults or Animals? Really?

Type Amen to help Children Adults or Animals? Really?

This Scam gets my blood boiling so much I don’t have to exercise for a week!

Are you quick to type Amen on a sad photo of someone your friend shared on Facebook? If you are start pumping your brakes a bit and take a quick peek of the originator of that post.

In a lot of cases it’s someone that just wants to sell your profile info to those people that send you gobs of spam emails…

If your a believer you have to know that God will not punish you or give you 7 years of bad luck or better yet won’t bless you if you don’t type Amen or share it to 7 friends. Please show me what scripture says that?

Online Threat Alerts wrote an outstanding article on this subject giving some great examples that I have seen and almost fell pray typing Amen too as well…


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