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New Ransomware That Knows Where You Live

New Ransomware That Knows Where You Live


I was reading Zack Whittaker’s story on this New Ransomware that is out and about and I really think you need to know how serious this stuff is.

It’s really sad that we have to be so cautious, but we need to be VERY cautious.

Ransomware is not just your typical Malware, It really will hold every file, documents, Video’s, & Those wonderful photos that you have had for years now and cannot be replaced.

And if your not backing up your PC or Mac please send me an email (crosby@croztech.com) me, and I will help you get your machine backed up.

Here is Zack’s Article:

The carefully-crafted and user-specific emails contain links and personal information to trick victims into installing a new kind of malware.


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