Is It Time To Delete Your Cookies?

Is It Time To Delete Your Cookies?

I’m often asked about cookies, and should you delete them?
(fresh baked cookies sound great right about now)

Tim Fisher with LifeWire Did an Excellent Job with the breakdown on why and how on pretty much every major Browser.

How to Delete Cookies in Every Major Browser
Click this Link Below to find out how.
How To Delete Your Cookies

Take Control Of Your Network!

Take Control Of Your Network!

Today I woke up, ate a Cinnamon Crunch Bagel From Panera Bread. (Oh My They Are Tasty) Prayed with the wife before she left for work, started reading Philippians again and then praying for my day.

I did my usual Tech Online Searching and discovered possibly a device that will give your home the security and peace you have always wanted.

I sure Hope I can get the opportunity to try this Beautiful Core Out Soon.

Here is all of the Specs on it.

The TrackR

The TrackR

You’re Gunna Love This Device…

This Little Quarter Size Device will keep your mind at ease with anything you love, especially if your prone to losing, misplacing everything… 😉

Walking Your Dog and She/He scrams after the cat leaving you screaming? No Worries, Get Out Your Smart Phone and track that little stinker!

Hey You Drone Fans, Stick This Bad boy On Your Drone Just In Case It gets Crazy and Wants to fly off on it’s own…

Hurry Order Now, The Next 55 People That Phone In… Wait? LOL So Sorry I Got a Little Carried Away… 🙂

To Find Out More, Click that little Link Below.

The TrackR Page