Take Control Of Your Network!

Take Control Of Your Network!

Today I woke up, ate a Cinnamon Crunch Bagel From Panera Bread. (Oh My They Are Tasty) Prayed with the wife before she left for work, started reading Philippians again and then praying for my day.

I did my usual Tech Online Searching and discovered possibly a device that will give your home the security and peace you have always wanted.

I sure Hope I can get the opportunity to try this Beautiful Core Out Soon.

Here is all of the Specs on it.


The TrackR

The TrackR

You’re Gunna Love This Device…

This Little Quarter Size Device will keep your mind at ease with anything you love, especially if your prone to losing, misplacing everything… 😉

Walking Your Dog and She/He scrams after the cat leaving you screaming? No Worries, Get Out Your Smart Phone and track that little stinker!

Hey You Drone Fans, Stick This Bad boy On Your Drone Just In Case It gets Crazy and Wants to fly off on it’s own…

Hurry Order Now, The Next 55 People That Phone In… Wait? LOL So Sorry I Got a Little Carried Away… 🙂

To Find Out More, Click that little Link Below.

The TrackR Page


Tired of those Telemarketer or Crazy Friend Daily Calls or Text Messages?

Tired of those Telemarketer or Crazy Friend Daily Calls or Text Messages?

There is light at the end of the tunnel…

I don’t know about you but I seem to be getting more and more calls from telemarketers and the “Please Remove Me from your call List” just doesn’t work to well these days.

macworld.com gives a great step by step on how to put a stop to this once and for all… Ok maybe just slow them down a bit so your not so annoyed by these calls or text’s.




You Really Should Do Your Microsoft Updates…

You Really Should Do Your Microsoft Updates…

Well Hello Again,

I hope you all are well and making time to have some fun…

This article was emailed to me and I felt like sharing this to you…

If are the Windows person that doesn’t have time for updates or just think updates are for the other people you really want to read this.

Microsoft is going to stop sending updates to your older version of Internet Explorer and if your not updating your extremely venerable to hackers.

So check it out and if you have any questions just contact CrozTech he’s your guy that will make you feel more comfortable behind the keyboard.

C-Ya, Safe Surfing, Tootles…

ZDNET.com wrote up a great article on Internet Explorer Click the link below for a great read…

Internet Explorer users must update or lose out on security patches

I didn’t do anything, I just started getting a bajillion emails or popup’s!

I didn’t do anything, I just started getting a bajillion emails or popup’s!

Have you ever said that to yourself or to the person cleaning up your computer?

Well here’s one of several reason’s why your getting popups or you lost everything…

You Clicked on a link you received in an email and you just knew it was from a company you know. They had a logo or the address on it.

I hate to break it to you but there are dishonest people in this world we live in and they are really really sneaky about tricking you.

As you can see from my screen shot, I received an email that looked like it was from Skype. It even has the location on the bottom of the email so it must be from them right? WRONG!

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.17.48 PM

Did I click on the link? Nope! I use Apple mail and you have an option of clicking a little “nerk” which is a term I learned from my daughter explaining the little marks on the gas gauge of her car when she was younger (dad my gas gauge is on the 3rd nerk do I have enough gas to get to the store and back?) and I still use that term today. LOL

So when I click on the little Nerk next to the email it will bring up a small window of where that link will take you without either taking you to another website (redirecting) or to give you malware/ransomeware/viruses which can destroy all of your files and photos forever! Yes Forever, all gone, POOF! Buh Bye files and photos!

The dead giveaway for me was, I don’t use Skype! Next time it might be from a bank or even… Hold on to your britches, FaceBook! Yeah I know! Those DirtBags!

So if you ever get an email from “Your Bank” or “FaceBook” or any company, to click on the link to update your profile or someone wants to contact you, just close the email and open your browser “Safari, Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Edge” log into your bank, facebook or whoever is trying to get your attention and you should have the same notification as the email. Your in safely this way. If you don’t have that same notification when you log in directly it’s Spam! What next just delete the email? I’m so glad you asked, you can if you want but if you have the extra time log into the same website they are trying to make you think your going (or call them) and find an email you can forward the bad email to. this way they can shut down that person…

Be Safe in this Cyber World…