Logitech mk620 Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo


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Keyboard features

1. Multimedia navigation
2. Volume adjustment
3. Application zone
4. Windows view controls
5. Convenience zone 6. Battery status indicator
7. Keyboard power switch
8. Internet navigation

Mouse features
1. Scroll Wheel – Press for middle button; tilts for side-to-side scrolling.*
2. Scroll Wheel Mode Shift Button – Press to shift between hyper-fast (free-spinning) and precision (click-to-click) scrolling.
3. Back and Forward Buttons* – Press to flip between web pages.
4. Application Switch* – Press rubber grip to switch between applications.
5. Battery Indicator Light – Turns red when a couple weeks of battery life remain.
6. On/Off Button – Slide to turn mouse on and off.
7. Battery Door Release – Press where indicated and slide door off mouse. Reduce weight by installing a single battery.
8. Laser engine – Delivers smooth, responsive, and precise cursor control.
9. Slots – Use to remove worn mouse feet.
10. Receiver storage.


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